Justin Rowland Foundation

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Every day we ask ourselves, how can we make a difference? As members of the Justin Rowland Foundation, we make it our daily goal to make good out of a tragic situation.

On November 1, 2010, a loving Son, Brother, and Friend was lost. Justin was only 23 years old when he passed, leaving behind a life full of laughter and fun memories. However, life itself was not always sunshine. Justin got caught up in a world of prescription drugs. Once Justin realized what he was doing was harmful, it was too late. The drugs won their battle by causing his heart to fail, however, the love that was in his heart for under-privileged children still carries on through the Justin Rowland Foundation.

The cause/ The pledge: To raise money to assist 100’s of underprivileged children. The DeSoto Chapter of the Boys & Girls Club is the Foundation’s recipient. Each year, hundreds of children rely on the BAGC of Desoto for after school programs and a daily safe haven; the children are provided an array of programs, athletics, study programs and balanced meals and snacks. The non-profit organization does receive funding from the parent BAGC of America, however it is far less than what it takes. The Justin Rowland Foundation needs YOUR help and support to make Justin’s dream come true. Justin loved children, he dreamed one day he would have a career that would somehow help children who did not have all the basic needs that he always had, and looked forward to giving back.

The Justin Rowland Foundation is a non-profit organization, compassionately dedicated to bringing awareness and education to the community about the dangers of prescription drug addiction.

Our goal through the Justin Rowland Foundation: To raise $25,000 annually.

Anything helps, and all is much appreciated.